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Today's Word of the Day is "Trust"

There is a lot of information coming at us right now. One cause of angst that I am noticing is that we are all accustomed to taking information, doing our own research on Google and then making up our own mind as to what's best for our situation.

This works when you are buying a car.

This does not work when you do not have the training to assess the situation. It also does not work when there is SO MUCH information so fast!

We can all remove this level of stress. When the experts provide guidance we can simply trust it. No research, no second guessing. Just listening and acting.

I am a primary healthcare provider. I am not a public health expert. Dr. Deena Hinshaw is our Chief Medical Officer of Health (MOH). She is the spokesperson for the public health experts in Alberta.

On Saturday I was fielding calls about if kids really should go to school. My reply was that the MOH says it's safe and in society's best interest so the answer was yes. Then on Sunday the situation changed so now the answer is no. Both answers were correct because they were made for what was best at that given time.

The experts are weighing the science with social behaviour and other factors that I don't even know. There are also many prescription treatments theories floating around out there. We risk drug supply if we just use whatever without basing practice on scientific rigor. The MOH will evaluate the best course of action with respect to those as well.

If the MOH says to stay home then stay home. If she says not to hoard supplies then don't hoard supplies.

At our pharmacy we are assessing the situation hourly. Our number one priority is to ensure people have essential medications. If you are running out or due to see the doctor please call us first. (Please call rather than dropping in).

The MOH has stated that social distancing is key. To that end we will require 24 hours notice for all routine prescriptions including ones dropped off. This is to actively discourage anyone waiting together in the pharmacy.

It will also help us to have resources available to talk to you and help you through more urgent needs while deferring tasks of a routine nature. For acute prescriptions that you might be waiting for we have designated curb side waiting in your vehicle for your safety.

Thank you all for your support. We got this!

Stay safe, stay home!

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