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Today's Word of the Day is "Clarity"

Yesterday it was announced that pharmacists would participate in screening for COVID-19. To clarify nothing has changed. Please do not come to the pharmacy asking for a COVID19 swab. There was simply an acknowledgement of the burden this has had on Alberta pharmacies. (Which we really appreciate).

As per normal if you need help please call us.

We will try our best to provide you with an action plan or at least confirm your action plan. There also was an announcement to limit days supply on prescriptions to 30 days.

Regardless we feel this is the right policy direction and we will be enforcing the spirit of this to ensure a solid sustainable supply of essential medications.

Internally, within my profession, I have been telling anyone who will listen that pharmacy staff members need the same high priority access to personal protective equipment and swab testing (for themselves) as any other front line healthcare team member.

With negative swab tests for team members we would be able to return to work rather than being in quarantine. This would enhance the provision of essential medication.

I am hoping this call for action is on the radar of public health officials. Our team has now implemented major steps to ensure we stay healthy. This in turn will keep you healthy.

Some of these steps may be quite jarring to you. Please know the end goal is to sustain operations so we can provide essential services. My team (which I am so thankful for) have also been making deliberate personal sacrifices and decisions which often affect their families. They were not asked to do this. They just stepped up in the course of professional duty to minimize the risk of personal contamination.

My new slogan: Stay healthy, stay safe, stay home.

Feel free to use any method of contact. I have tried to make myself as available as possible.

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