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I'm not an expert or anything but...

The team here is pulling together to ensure we can provide the services our community needs. I am so proud of the adaptability and relentless commitment they have shown.

I tend to come in early with the store dark to collect my thoughts and get organized. Today I ended up looking at this poster I have in the office. It started to remind me of the old days (3 weeks ago).

In my mind it often feels like the initial shock is subsiding. But is it? I'm sure many of us have that feeling like an undertow is present even though the surf on the ocean looks calm.

Just when I think I have accepted the new normal, I reminisce about what I would normally be doing on any given day. Normally we would be managing appointments with people for travel health consultations, weight loss, minor ailments, and more while providing prescriptions and traditional pharmacy care. So if I long for these days, perhaps maybe I haven't adjusted yet?

I've told myself to acknowledge those thoughts. Not for the purpose of controlling them but for the purpose of knowing that we may be putting up with a lot right now.

Humans tend to put up with a lot don't we? We tend to tolerate things. Sometimes that's called resilience but it can also lead to a disconnect between our rational thinking brain and our feeling brain.

I'm not an expert in all this stuff. But in my coaching that I do with people trying to lose weight we do talk about a lot of these things to help us stay on track.

One positive that has come out of this for me personally is that I have been doing a lot of our deliveries lately. It has been profoundly satisfying to hang the bag on the doorknob, ring the door bell and stand back my 2 meters to connect with people. I hear your stories. Your tricks to stay connected socially while isolating physically. Your victories of the day.

What have I learned from this? I've learned that you guys are awesome and we have a lot to look forward to when this is behind us. The overriding message is of hope and ingenuity. It is of leaning on others when you need help and helping others when they need help.

Take care everyone. We're all in this together!


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