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Facebook Post - Did You Know - Diabetes
Introducing Jen Lee, our Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)!
Jen Lee has a passion for diabetes care with almost 20 years experience.  She will be available for private consultations. 
Many services and consultations are covered by Alberta Health!
Click here to book your 15 minute meet-and-greet appointment today! 
You choose if you would like to come in person or chat via easy secure video link from your smartphone or computer! 
What can our CDE Pharmacist do for you?
Just for starters she can:
  1. Review your medications
  2. Help you choose a diabetes meter
  3. Provide basic diet and exercise counselling
  4. Review your insulin injection technique
  5. Help you review symptoms and treatment for low blood sugar
  6. Help you decide if an insulin pump might be right for you
  7. Collaborate with your physician to adjust or prescribe medication including insulin.
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