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Vaccine Registration Links

Please book using the appropriate link below.  Please review the most recent updates on this same page for any clarification.


Often we have both Moderna and Pfizer, however we can not guarantee choice of brand.



Dose 3 [Pfizer]*

Dose 3 [Moderna]*


*DOSE 3 appointments are for specific cases as per AHS.  We reserve the right to cancel the appointment if you do not qualify.


September 1st, 2021

AHS announced that third doses are available for select patients.  This is especially helpful if you need to ensure you have a full series of an mRNA vaccine after receiving a mixed series to enter certain countries during travel.  Please see this link for details.  We are waiting for updates to our software system to manage pre-registrations.  In the mean time please call ahead at 780-570-0203 so we can collect some pre-registration information from you before you potentially walk-in for either Moderna or Pfizer.  Thank you.

August 13, 2021

We are doing our best to manage sporadic demand for the COVID-19 vaccine.  If self booking is available feel free to call us to see if we have an open vial of the particular vaccine you require.

July 5th, 2021

Canada is currently flush with Moderna vaccine and limited with Pfizer.  We have opened up Moderna to direct booking without a waitlist link.  Please feel free to book directly using the links.

Dose 1 links will be sent daily and will align with the type of vaccine we are offering on any particular day.  In most cases it will be Pfizer for 12 to 18 years old patients when stock finally arrives and Moderna for everyone else almost immediately.

July 2, 2021

Please use the appropriate booking links to book the type of appointment you require.  For Dose 1 the vaccine offered will be the one we are using on the particular day.  We will do our best to advise you which one is running on certain days. 

June 19, 2021

Re: Pfizer.  A few days after we were assured that Pfizer supply would be guaranteed we received notice that next week's shipment to pharmacies will be delayed.  Therefore we have locked in the appts booked thus far onto Friday and will hold off booking until we have it in our fridge.  

Re: Moderna.  We were confirmed our large allotment for Moderna and have started sending booking links sorted by date of first dose.  If you receive a link and no longer require it please just let it expire.  There is no need to contact us by phone.  Thank you.  If you feel like you were missed please CONTACT US BY EMAIL. We will do our best to look into it.  

Re: Dose 1 appointments:  Please note that since we now officially carry both vaccines you may be offered either Moderna or Pfizer as is what happens at the AHS clinics.   The exception to this are the appointments already confirmed with Pfizer on Friday June 25th. Thank you.

June 18, 2021

The province has stated that they will guarantee supply of Pfizer until a huge inventory of Moderna is received into Alberta (imminently).

Thus we have allowed direct booking of Dose 1.  We will also be opening up direct booking of Pfizer dose 2.

We hope to be able to confirm Moderna shortly as well.  

June 7th, 2021

We are happy to announce that priorities have opened up enough to allow direct booking of DOSE 1 appointments without a waiting list.  Please use the appopriate link.

June 2, 2021

Yesterday AHS announced new rules around second doses!  If your first dose was in:

March then you may receive your second dose.

April then you may book as early as June 14th.

May then you may book as early as June 28th.

Please note that we have 3 different links set up.  If you require dose 2 then please sign up on the appropriate wait list.  Vaccine is really starting to flow.  The FIRST DOSE list is clear sailing and we have appointments for Pfizer as early as tomorrow so please sign up if you need your first dose!  For a summary of Dose 2 please see this second dose information from AHS.

May 27, 2021

We have added links for waiting lists for the second dose of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.  These lists will be used when the Medical Officer of Health authorizes widespread access to obtain second doses.  If you received Dose 1 from us then you should have received notice that we automatically added you to the Dose 2 Waitlist.  IF you do not recall receiving this notification feel free to add yourself again.  Dose 1 brand is based on whatever we receive (either Moderna or Pfizer).   If you are signing up for the Dose 2 you should select the brand that matches what you received.

May 6, 2021

As of today the priorities have opened up for all Albertans over the age of 30.  Then on May 10th the program will be open for all Albertans 12 and up.  (18 and up for Moderna).  We have been hearing stories about people having their booked appointments cancelled in other locations.  We are proud to say that we have not had one wasted dose nor have we had to cancel any appointments. 


We do this by sending booking links as supply is confirmed and priorities open.  No pharmacy knows the inventory they will have beyond about 5 to 7 days at the very most.  This is why we do not allow direct booking of appointments.  


If you receive a link and you book into an appointment slot this is our promise to you that we will be able to provide your immunization (barring something completely unexpected like cold storage failure or staffing etc.)

If it has been a while since you added yourself to the waitlist please feel free to do so again. 


Currently the supply of Moderna has been very stable for us.  Unfortunately Moderna currently is not allowed to be administered to anyone under 18 years old (yet). 

May 5, 2021

The priorities may be opening up based on age without Chronic conditions.  If you signed up on the waitlist more than 1 week ago we recommend signing up again.  If you have conditions triggering the ability to get the vaccine sooner than your age please be very clear on the questionnaire so that the system will catch this for you.

Thank you

May 3, 2021

Please visit the AHS site for the current priorities.  When we have vaccine we will be sending out booking links from our waitlist.  Some tips about the waitlist:

  1. Be very clear about your priority.  eg. Type your chronic condition or immunocompromising condition into the comments field wherever possible.  If you are a regulated healthcare worker then type "Dentist", "Nurse", "Social Worker" etc. 

  2. Feel free to add your name to the waitlist often.  In our experience people on the list for longer than 1 week seem to have already booked elsewhere.  We will be looking at the list for fresher entries to help us stay efficient with the links.  Thank you.

April 26th, 2021

We will have either Pfizer or Moderna for the week of May 3rd.  In anticipation of this we would like to build up the waiting list so that as soon as we have doses in our fridge we can send out the booking links.  Currently we are on Priority 2C and higher.  The detailed list is here.  Here are just a few that eligibility factors that people may not be thinking about.  If any of these apply to you then you qualify.  Be sure to indicate your priorities on the wait list!

  • Anyone older than 65.

  • Heart conditions such as Afib, Arrhythmia, anticoagulants (unfortunately high blood pressure alone is not a risk factor).

  • Pregnancy

  • Any treated diabetes.

  • Obesity (BMI >40)

  • A regulated healthcare worker or their staff dealing with patients directly.

  • Indigenous people born in 1971 or earlier

  • COPD patients or severe asthma patients who required hospital visit in the last year

  • Cancer patients

  • Immunosuppressed patients eg. taking biologics such as Humira

  • Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Neurologic disorders such as epilepsy, MS, dementia, TIA, parkinsons


April 24, 2021

We were advised that we may be receiving vaccine supply as early as next week.  It will either be Moderna or Pfizer.  At this time the priority still remains as 2B and 2C or higher as per AHS.  Click here for more details about the phases.  The only way to receive a link to book an appointment when supply arrives is to add your name to the waiting list.  The list is set to help filter by priority.  If you belong to any priorities please indicate them clearly in the questionnaire.  Also be sure to add both your email and cell number so that at least one of those methods reaches you.   Again, at this time AHS is allowing for first dose appointments only.  When we do get the go ahead to book second doses a separate waiting list will be created based on the type of vaccine that you received first.  We will automatically send these links to everyone who received first doses here.

April 21, 2021

Our supply of Moderna is fully booked and replenishment supply did not come this week.    Please add your name to the waiting list to be advised of booking eligibility once supply returns. Thank you.

April 19, 2021

Yesterday it was announced that adults over 40 years old would have access to the Astra Zenneca Vaccine.  We are currently a Moderna designated site and thus are not able to accomodate this new group at this time.  Of course, anything to do with the COVID-19 immunization program can change with very short notice.    As a reminder we are immunizing those with certain chronic conditions or Regulated Health Care workers (See April 16th note for the link to the details).  Please sign onto our wait list.  Thank you

April 16, 2021

Our Moderna Vaccine has been arriving randomly and we are in full vaccination clinic mode.  The current priorities are shown here:  AHS Vaccine Phases

Click here for our waiting list.

We have sent all booking links that match current priorities. 


IF you received a link  but were unable to book for the time slots available then it is important that you register again onto the waiting list if you want to be considered for future times.  Due to the way current spam legislation works we are not able to continuously contact you based on an old consent.

IF you think you were a priority but did not hear from us please add yourself to the waiting list again.  Be sure to answer the screening questions in a way that indicates you would be a priority.  Be sure to include both email and cell number.  We have heard that some big cell carriers have taken it upon themselves to filter text messages in general.  Be sure to use an email address that you check often.

A reminder that AHS is focused on getting everyone through once.  We are only taking people for FIRST doses right now.  Please watch in about a month or two for information about booking a second dose.

We are very careful to only open booking windows when we are 99.9% certain that vaccine is available.  We try our very best to make a firm commitment based on known supply.  Of course we can not make any guarantees, but if you get a confirmed appointment you can rest assured that it will be here for you when you arrive.   We are proud to say that we have not recorded a single wasted dose. 


This is why booking links will fly with short notice.  So if you receive one act fast!

Thank you everyone for your patience as we get through this together!

April 12, 2021

All of our doses for this week have been allocated and we will be managing any potential stand-by doses by calling people who have an allocated dose on a future date.  We will not be offering walk-in standby.  This is so that we can ensure the people at the current priority list can be done first.   Thank you for your patience as we work through the doses for this week. 

April 10, 2021- More coming soon

Well that "sold out" fast.  We sent out all of the waiting list for 2B as links and all of the appointments have been filled.  We noticed that several clients with Telus service did not seem to receive texts from us yesterday we appologized if you were caught up in this.   We have been told that a more steady supply should be forthcoming with even possibly weekly replenishment.  We will resend the links for 2B when we receive more.  Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience.

April 9, 2021 Vaccine Availability

We will be immunizing with Moderna vaccine next week.  Please click here to add yourself to the waiting list.  Please add some notes into the appropriate fields to ensure we can ensure that your chronic condition or employment situation matches the provincial priorities at the current time. 

Please note that we are not accepting 2nd dose appointments at this time.

April 7th, 2021 Update- Priority 1B 16 years and up

We were advised by Alberta Health that we are a designated site for Moderna.  The supply we will receive at  any one time will be far under what will be required for demand.  Please ensure you are on our waitlist here: WAITLIST

Please register there and indicated your priorities that apply.  There is no obligation to be on the wait list.  Please note that if you register yourself you will be able to indicate that you belong to a priority.   (We can not do this if you call us to add you to the waiting list).  The list of priorities can be found here:   ALBERTA VACCINATION PROGRAM.


As supply becomes available we will send a booking link to book your appointment.  After you book an appointment time slot with that link we will consider this a firm commitment from you to obtain your vaccine from us.

A note about vaccine supply.  Multiple bookings at various locations is causing wasted vaccine.  If you have a firm booking at another pharmacy we urge you to keep that appointment even if a potential spot is open with us a couple of days earlier.   Likewise we trust that you will help us manage our supply by keeping your commitment to us.

A note about standby lists.  The vaccine itself has a short expiry date.  Thus you do have the option to indicate on our waiting list registration that you would be open to short notice appointments.  The spirit of this system is to take people who are at the current priority or higher to ensure that no one is left behind.

We will manage standby lists in a way that makes sense to minimise spoilage and to ensure people who are at the appropriate priority will be able to have first  access.  Did you know that your front line pharmacists who are involved with many close contact services such as immunizing and testing for COVID-19 are still not even eligible until 1C?  We are all in this together and we thank you for your patience!

April 1st, 2021 Update

We were advised again that we may receive the vaccine next week.  This is the third time this has happened.  We will not be booking any appointments until it is secured in our fridge.  

You may have heard that the priority is 2B started on March 30, 2021.  We hope that most high priority patients (1 and 2A) have already obtained your vaccine from AHS.  We will be going through our waiting list to ensure no one has been left behind on the higher priorities.  We want to ensure no one is left behind!

Again please sign up for our waiting list.  Ensure that you indicated any chronic conditions so that we can filter you up for a booking link as soon as possible!  Again.  Thank you for your patience.

March 27, 2021 Update

We were supposed to be immunizing this week as well but yesterday we were given notice that the shortage of vaccine persists.  Unfortunately we still will not be able to get anyone through from our waiting list.  Please check back in a few days for more updates.

March 24, 2021 Update

We were supposed to be immunizing this week but the shipments to Canada were delayed.  What this means is that we will be immunizing shortly but we will not be able to say when exactly until we actually have the vaccine in our fridge.

If you are above 65 years of age you should be able to book at the health unit through AHS by calling 811.  Additionally you can book at certain pharmacies which may have supply.  It is our understanding that demand greatly exceeds supply.  The best we can offer at this point is to sign up for our waiting list by clicking here.  When our vaccine arrives we will then go to our wait list to  send out links to book your own appointment.  We will send links to the targeted priorities as things proceed.

Until supply stabilizes we will not allow direct booking even after we receive supply.  The best way to be informed is to sign up on the waitlist.  There is no obligation.  So if you receive a link you can simply disregard it if you had booked elsewhere.  You do not need to advise us to remove your name from the waitlist.  Thank you for your patience.  We are in new territory here as we navigate the process without advance warning as the situation changes.

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