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Our Travel Clinic Pharmacist holds a Certificate in Travel Health™ from the International Society of Travel Medicine.


This means that you will receive advice from an experienced travel health professional who has met recognized standards.  We can book your first appointment in person or via secure video if this helps with your schedule. 

The usual process is that we meet first to create the plan and then book everyone at a second appointment administer immunizations.  However for urgent or tight deadlines we can often work with you to provide everything in one appointment.

Our Pharmacist will:

  • Review your trip itinerary and medical history to provide you with a customized written plan.

  • Review your routine adult immunizations and make suggestions if gaps are present.  

  • Provide a detailed, customized written summary of your travel health plan.

  • Help you make sense of your plan based on what might be mandatory vs strongly recommended vs optional.

  • Post any vaccines provided immediately to your electronic health record with a note to your family doctor to keep them in the loop.

  • Provide you with lab requisitions to confirm immunization status if required.

  • Provide advice for protection during adventure travel such as altitude sickness or safaris.

  • Prescribe and administer any medicines or vaccines required for your trip.

  • We can provide Mantoux (TB) testing if required for long term trips.

  • We also carry supplies such as mosquito repellent and bed netting, water purification systems, and reef safe sunscreens.

  • We are a Health Canada Designated Yellow Fever Immunization Centre.

Cost of services:

  • Assessment fee and written plan (Required before medications can be prescribed).

    • $60 for an individual​.

    • $75 for 2 adult co-travelers meeting with us at the same time.

    • $100 for a family of up to 2 adults and up to 3 children in the same household.

  • Medications and vaccines​​​

    • Cost of the prescriptions which can often be direct billed through private insurance.​

  • Administration of vaccines:​

    • $10 per injection​

    • $20 for Yellow Fever injection

  • Mantoux (TB) testing​

    • Approximately $76 before insurance.

Our electronic booking portal will be ready soon!  In the meantime please call 780-570-0203 to book your appointment.*

*If you are doing a virtual appointment we will require payment for the appointment upon booking. (Refundable with more than 24 hours notice).  

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